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Teaching Resources

Our Teaching Resources section provides information designed to help you develop, improve, and advance your teaching practices. If you're new to teaching, we suggest you start by looking at our page on creating an inclusive syllabus, which will help you lay the groundwork for inclusive teaching practices in your course. From there, you can visit our pages on preparing a course, lecturing, and inclusive teaching. If you have teaching experience and are looking for innovative ways to enhance your teaching, we have pages devoted to several different types of courses, including online classes, large classes, and small classes.


We hope that the information on these pages will be beneficial for instructors at all stages of their careers.

New Faculty Quick Link>>>

Student Support, Accessibility & Conflict Resolution>>>

Representing Teaching>>>

Inclusive Teaching>>>

Creating an Inclusive Syllabus>>>

Preparing a Course>>>

Making Material Clear>>>

Using Time Well>>>


Online Classes>>>

Large Classes>>>

Small Classes>>>

Using Technology>>>

Tests and Assignments>>>

Assessing Student Learning>>>

Motivating Students>>>

Course Transformation>>>

2-Minute Mentors>>>