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Our search bot, Dexter, is intended to help you find resources on the CTE website.

Just click on the dialog icon with three dots on the lower right side of your screen. That will bring up a box where you can type in your questions.

You can use keywords if you wish or you can search with full sentences and questions, as in: "I need to know more about inclusive teaching" or "What resources do you have for GTAs?"

Dexter has a sense of humor and may surprise you if you ask the right question. It is still learning, though, so if you encounter problems, pass them along to Doug Ward, the associate director at CTE.

In order to search CTE's portfolio and poster gallery, use the search function below. Or you can visit the gallery itself by following this link

Happy Searching!

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Flex Teaching

CTE has created a website for helping faculty create flexible courses that can shift between in-person and online. Visit the Flex Teaching site.

GTA Flex and Online Teaching Program

GTAs: The link to the application form for the GTA Flex and Online Teaching Program is now available. It can be accessed here.