Paper Draft & Paper Final (Class Project, ____ pts)


A project that meets expectations (3) will have the following characteristics:


-      writing may contain some minor flaws

-      mostly accurate and clear use of statistical terms

-      clearly introduces the problems/questions of interest

-      selects a method that is generally matched to the question of interest

-      applies some additional relevant analysis (such as power analysis)

-      avoids contradictory statements, or redundant analyses

-      provides basic interpretation of parameters, should be accurate

-      includes clear statistical evidence for statements in results & discussion

-      addresses suggestions from reviews

-      demonstrates the ability to apply lab lessons to a novel data analysis

-      no major problems apparent in application of categorical methods


Projects much above expectations (1) will have the following characteristics:


-      writing of paper is clear and professional (independent of content, seems well on its way to being published/presented)

-      no misuse or ambiguity regarding statistical terms

-      clearly introduces several hypotheses

-      selects methods that are very well matched to the questions of interest

-      applies additional relevant analyses that require drawing on multiple lessons from semester (e.g. inter-rater reliability analysis before cumulative logit model)

-      interpretation of parameter estimates made very accessible to reader (e.g., finding appropriate ways to go beyond exp(beta))     

-      for critical decisions made in the analysis (e.g. cumulative versus adjacent-category logits), there are reasoned explanations for the decisions

-      includes a particularly well thought out discussion of statistical results

-      includes improvements to paper beyond suggestions in reviews

-      incorporates skills and statistical principles from other classes, or otherwise goes beyond the material presented in class (e.g., application of other statistical knowledge such as issues related to multiple testing.)


Project well below expectations (5) will have the following characteristics:


-      does not meet several of the "meets expectations" criteria


Final Draft due _________ at noon

-      Please include your programming code (no output)

-      You can include a "letter to the reviewers" if desired (to justify certain decisions, include extra information, draw attention to areas of major revision)