Student A journal excerpt:


I was very lucky to have a very cooperative teacher to work under. Mrs. Monroe was very engaging for the students, always coming up with a new activity every week that students were interested in. They looked to her for guidance, yet showed the same signs of resistance that many students put forth due to a lack of motivation. Through working with Chance over the semester, who is clearly behind his classmates, I was happily surprised to see that many times students continue to be willing to learn even when the odds are against them.


I have learned through tutoring that the "official" curriculum in school is necessary to keep content teachers on the same page, but it is very rarely followed exactly. Upon becoming a teacher, I will NEED to remember to always be flexible in my lesson planning, because absolutely nothing ever goes exactly how it is planned. . .while working with Chance, I feel like his learning benefited from my presence, which makes the entire experience worthwhile for me. He is attempting to sound out words on his own (instead of expecting me to do it for him), he is spelling short words correctly, he is taking his time on his handwriting, and is more confident and excited to tell me about books he has read (mostly graphic novels). It seems to me like some students would greatly benefit from tutoring because of the personal attention and care they receive from the tutor. When a student trusts who is teaching him/ her, that student is more willing to work hard. This fact makes me extremely excited to become a teacher and get to know my students, even if the process of planning is stressful and trying, the benefits are ultimately worth it.