Student E journal excerpts:


      For Theme 2:


I want to get to know Student 1 better in order for me to help him benefit more from our time together. I know that in school sometimes you do not have a lot of homework, so I was not too surprised but I would like to tutor them more. Yet, I am glad that I got to work with Student 1 and Student 2 because what I found was that the two did not act like they were looking for teachers, but rather people to build a relationship with. I don't think that the large age difference between us mattered to them.



      For Theme 3:


Student 1 and Student 2 are brother and sister from the same family. Student 1 is in third grade and I quickly found him to be a reluctant reader. I am still trying to find some chapter books that are for his age that he would be interested in and I checked out a few from the library. When we went upstairs (at the day center), I found the most difficulty in getting him to set still. I let him pick the books we read, remembering from class that boys tend to learn better with pages that have an image around and text describing the images. Since he likes cars, we read out of a book about fire trucks, and then we read a book with rhymes. I found that the best way to keep his attention was to read and interact while reading. I clapped hands with him and moved around each time a rhyme was mentioned, giving each other a high five or directing a motion. We read for a total of twenty minutes before they had to leave, switching from at least four or five books. Student 1 is very energetic and likes to climb things; the best way to receive answers from him is play "guess." I found out his age and what he likes from playing twenty questions, and if I made a guess that was way off, he would laugh and tell me what the real answer was right away.