C & T 440


Questions/ topics to guide tutoring journal


Over the semester, you will be commenting on your experience working with middle/ high school students. We will be sharing these observations in class on Oct. 14, Nov. 23, and Dec. 9


You are asked to do one journal entry per week for the duration of your experience.


Possible questions/ topics to write about in your journal include:


Describe two or three literacy practices in the classroom


Describe each practice in terms of what the teacher does, what the students do, what materials are used, and how the students are organized. (One of the practices you describe can be one-on-one tutoring.) Describe each practice in terms of its goals and its implications for learning and student achievement.


Select "focal" students


Describe these students in terms of how they are achieving in the classroom and how they interact with the teacher, the other students, and the practices in the classroom. How does the teacher view each of these students in terms of achievements, needs, and goals she/he has for them? How would you characterize each student's strengths and weaknesses? What's your evidence for this? What do these students think of reading and writing?


Describe how each of these students interacts with the practices you described above (it's O.K. if both of your students don't participate in all of the practices you've described). Some questions you might consider about their participation:

-      How do they behave?

-      What do they think of the practice?

-      What do they appear to get out of it?

-      Is there evidence that they are learning anything or otherwise making progress?



-      What kinds of assessments are used in the classroom? How do they match the literacy practices? Would you alter/ change the assessments that are currently used? Why?

-      What do these assessments tell you about your focal students' strengths and areas of needed improvement?

-      Are the measures used to assess the students' reading/ writing appropriate? Why/ why not?




Outline a possible plan for each of your focal students in terms of improving his or her reading and writing. From your observations and assessments, you will work to identify possible ways you as a teacher could assist this student in their literacy learning. This commentary should be a synthesis of all of the information you have gathered about your focal student(s) over the semester and is best done near the end of your time in the classroom.


If you did take certain initiatives with the students, describe why you made the choices you did. Also, note how long you feel your interventions will be effective, how they are meant to help each student, and what evidence you might collect to show the child learned anything. If you did not actually implement any of these initiatives (after all, you are just observing this semester), describe what you would do if you were the teacher of these students.


In the "interventions" section, you should also relate your proposed interventions to theories and practices you have learned about in your course(s) this semester. You may pick some points that you believe particularly apply to your classroom experience or your overall discussion in your observation log.

























Tutoring journal: final entry


Due Date: Friday, December 9th (you may turn this in earlier if you like)


Throughout the semester, you likely have gathered impressions of the teaching and learning occurring at your field site. Many of you have taken field notes in which you have recorded these observations.


As the semester draws to a close, I am going to ask you to reflect on your tutoring journal by writing a reflective paper that addresses the themes that have shaped your journal entries throughout the semester.


In looking for themes, consider the following:

-      Teaching

-      Students' learning

-      Students' engagement

-      Curriculum (official and hidden)

-      School environment/ atmosphere

-      Differences among students in class


Please attach your observation log sheet (where you have kept track of your hours) to your journal.