HSES 289

Dr. Lumpkin

Due 5/5/11     


Paper #4

A Reflection Upon One's Interest and Research into the the Career of a Sports Agent


            Prior to attending this introductory sport management class I had only a brief amount of knowledge pertaining to the career of sport agents. Essentially my background consisted of my viewings of the movie Jerry McGuire, the movie where Tom Cruise portrayed a sports agent, and from listening and viewing the news on athletes and their agents on SportsCenter. I had always thought that becoming a sports agent one day would be an exciting, satisfying and successful career to have due to my love of sports, however, reflecting on my knowledge I have now I know that I was naive and uneducated about the career of sports agents and I learned that becoming a successful sports agent involves a lot more that one may think. By taking this class I have been tremendously educated and informed about the broad field of sport management and specifically, the career of a sports agent. Furthermore, throughout this class our writing assignments have been a huge asset in aiding my development and understanding into the career of a sports agent. Throughout these writing assignments I have learned much about the interview process and networking, vast amounts of information about the duties and responsibilities of a sports agent, and also have learned the steps that must be taken by an individual that is seeking to become a professional sports agent. Throughout this paper these areas will be reflected upon in regards to their beneficial aspects in adding to my knowledge of the career of a sports agent, as they have came together to form an important foundation in my journey into seeking to one day become a successful sports agent.

            At the beginning of the semester I was still split between my interests in wanting to possibly be a general manager of a sports team or wanting to be a sports agent, so for our first writing assignment I interviewed J.J. Picollo, the Assistant General Manager of the Kansas City Royals, despite later changing my focus and interest to becoming a sports agent. However, despite my change in focus, my interview with Picollo was a significant help to me. I learned much about the interview process by interviewing Picollo and he taught me a significant amount of information about sports management in general, in particular about the importance of networking and establishing connections throughout the field, which also applies as a very critical aspect for sports agents to master. I am very humbled that I had the opportunity to interview a person as significant as Picollo for my interview and that I was able to secure a connection with him in the future if I ever need to contact him again. This interview with him was very enjoyable and very educational at the same time and is something that I will not forget about in the near future.

            Despite not interviewing a sports agent for the first paper, I quickly became caught up with and well informed about the career of sports agent after finally deciding that this wold be the field that I would like to focus on. The focal point of where I gained the majority of information about the career of a sports agent came from when we were given the task of completing a research paper on our career choice. This research paper exposed me to numerous articles of new and important information on the career. This paper is where I learned about the duties and responsibilities of a sports agent and what the job entails. Furthermore, it is during the research that I was first exposed to a fallacy of becoming a sports agent. This is the fact that in some cases you can become an agent by simply having a college degree, registering with a particular league, passing a test, and then paying a registration fee, yet what this does not state is that once this is completed the sports agent does not immediately have clients to represent, nor would an athlete come to this particular agent due to their inexperience in the field. I believe this is the most important aspect one aspiring to be a sports agent must be aware of and is a concept I will definitely not forget. Many are naive and do not understand that not every agent can be like super-agents such as Tom Condon or Scott Boras and that there are many sports agents in the world who are not very successful at all and do not live a lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, it is during my research that I learned about the most important action that the agent must make before representing their client, and that is that they must determine the value of the player's services. This is a pivotal aspect to an agent because it gives one a notion of what they can and cannot do for their client based on what the player is worth. This is an important concept to an aspiring agent, yet means nothing unless they actually know how to do it which is something I was informed of during my research. I learned that the most common ways to figure a player's value are by analyzing their past career statistics and by analyzing the skill sets that the athlete possesses. From this their value is calculated and the agent can move on to the next most important aspect which is the negotiation of the client's contract. These are only a few of the more important facts that I learned during my research and there are various other beneficial facts that I learned along the way as well. I owe much of my current knowledge I now possess to the research paper I did on the career of a sports agent and am very thankful that I was assigned to do research on this because it has given me a tremendous insight and background into a career I aspire to one day have and without this I feel that I would be unprepared to pursue a career as a sports agent.

            Finally, once all of the research has been completed detailing the responsibilities and duties of a sports agent, one must also gain knowledge into how to begin the process of becoming a sports agent. This step was achieved by our last writing assignment which involved highlighting the steps of advancement towards the career of our choice. It is during this stage I learned exactly how one progresses into becoming a successful sports agent. From this the steps in broad terms are as follows: first off one must obtain a college degree because without this one can kiss any dreams of becoming a sports agent goodbye, next it is preferred that one does an internship in order to "put one's foot in the door", from this one must begin effectively networking with prospective clientele in order to form positive relationships that can benefit their client and then ultimately, once the preceding steps of advancements are achieved, one must apply and pass the tests of their respected league to become a certified agent. All of this information regarding the advancement process combined to give me a great understanding of what it takes to become a sports agent and from this it will effectively aid in my decision- making and actions throughout my journey. This is all very crucial to be aware of because if one does not have a path and understanding of how to become a certified sports agent, then they are wasting their time that they could instead be devoting to their agency and career.

            Reminiscing and reflecting upon what I have learned about in regards to being an aspiring sports agent, I am grateful for how much knowledge and insight this class has given me. I am now confident in the fact that I know what it takes not only to be a good sports agent but also know how to get there and then the jobs and responsibilities that they are expected to fulfill. I believe that this class and the research done for it has vastly helped to shape my career decisions and actions in the future while I journey into my aspiring career as a sports agent.