Grading Sheet for Method Section Paper



APA Style ---------------------------------------------------------------------


-      Margins 1" all around


-      Double spaced throughout 


-      Numbers used properly 


-      No contractions 


-      Does not use the word "subjects"


-      Headings and subheadings formatted correctly


-      If Appendix is used, it is formatted correctly


-      Running head (has proper syntax) 


-      Page header and page number 


-      Title, Author(s) and Affiliation (centered) 


Writing Style -------------------------------------------------------------------


-      Past tense 


-      Easy to read/comprehend 


-      Organized 


-      Correct use of grammar/syntax 


Participants (includes all of the following)  ---------------------------------


-      How many?


-      Description (age, sex, etc.)


-      How were they selected and assigned?


-      Where were they obtained?


-      What was the incentive to participate?


Materials --------------------------------------------------------------------------


-      Describes the materials used and their function


-      Provides enough detail to replicate the study


-      If Appendix is used, there should not be a replication of information


-      Describes the setting of the experiment


Design ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


-      Specifies what type of research design was used


-      IV identified correctly, and operationally defined


-      DV Identified correctly, and operationally defined


Procedure ------------------------------------------------------------------------


-      Details events from beginning to end of study


-      Includes all relevant instructions and procedures


-      Detail is sufficient to replicate study