Review of Literature Scoring Criteria


Level 5: 19-20 points

-      The student draws extensively on evidence presented in the articles to support the conclusion. The conclusion makes coherent use of the evidence.

-      Significant recognition of the authors cited; the student may have made some attempt to consider the author's findings or point of view in order to discuss the student's conclusion.

-      The student recognizes multiple sides of the issue and is able to makes transfers across topics; recognizes the strength and limitations of each position in taking a stand.


Level 4: 17-18 points

Some criteria met from level 5 and some from level 3


Level 3: 14-16 points

-      The student has made a limited effort to use evidence from the articles to support the argument; the evidence may not support the conclusions or may be used somewhat incoherently.

-      Some identification or recognition of author's work, but little development.

-      The student recognizes that another side of the issue exists, but finds support for only his or her side; may tend to build up his or her argument by tearing down the other side.

-      May be a "laundry list", citing much evidence both pro and con, but student unable to make transfers of the information in the articles to relate to their topic.


Level 2: 11-13 points

Some criteria met from level 3 and some from level 1


Level 1: 0-10 points

-      The student does not cite evidence from the articles.

-      No identification or recognition of author's work.

-      Student sees only one side of the argument; no evaluation attempted.

-      No evidence that the student used the articles; could have written the essay by only skimming the articles.


Level 0

-      Non-scorable response