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2-Minute Mentor: About KU Students

Getting the most from your KU Students

  • Who are KU students?
  • How can I align students’ expectations with my expectations?
  • How can I establish positive, productive student-teacher relationships?

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Establishing Clear Expectations

One important key to student learning is communicating clear expectations. KU’s standard course evaluation form, the Student Survey of Teaching, includes three items related to this facet of teaching. Effective instructors are expected to:

  • Set and meet clear goals and objectives
  • Establish expectations that are well-defined and fair
  • Establish expectations that are appropriately challenging

Of course, what’s “clear, well-defined, and fair” to you may not be the same for students. To ensure strong alignment between your expectations and those of your students, consider these strategies:


Talk with

Talk with veteran instructors in your department about your expectations to see if they are in line with common practice.

What are reasonable expectations for in-class and out-of-class work?

State your

Include an explicit statement of your expectations in your syllabus, and discuss them with students in your class.

What’s required to do well in your course?

Use KU

Learn about KU students (see demographics below) and learn about resources available to you.

Check out our Teaching Resources and consider using the “Keys to Civility” (pdf) brochure at the start of the semester.


KU student demographics

On the Lawrence campus in Fall 2010, there were a total of 26,266 students:

25 percent graduate, 75 percent undergraduate49.40 percent male, 50.60 percent female

69.1 percent kansas, 22.8 percent out of state, 8.1 percent international86.2 percent full time, 13.8 percent part time

76 percent white, 8.1 percent international, 14.4 percent minority, 1.5 percent unknown53 pecent no employment, 47 percent part time employment


More about establishing clear expectations

The following links provide more information about establishing clear expectations and productive student-teacher relationships:

Additional materials are available in CTE’s Essential Guide to Teaching

These portfolios in the CTE Gallery show examples of increased learning as a result of high expectations:

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