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2-Minute Mentor: Time Management

Managing your time for teaching

  • Can I manage the time I need for class preparation?
  • How do I control the time I spend communicating with students outside of class?
  • How do I score assignments efficiently?

Click below to watch CTE’s 2-Minute Mentor video on this topic:

Managing Your Time for Teaching video transcript (doc)

Three steps to teaching efficiently

A key aspect of efficiency is obtaining a high ratio of output to input. If we apply this to teaching, we need to make the most of the time we have for it. Here are three steps toward teaching efficiently:


Identify your goals
as a teacher

Determine which goals are short term and which are long term.

Identify which are easier and which are harder to achieve.

Start with a relatively easy short-term goal.

Count your hours
and plan their use

Look at your work week and identify the number of hours you plan to devote to your job.

Be flexible and be realistic.

Identify the components
of your teaching and
distribute your time

Write down the components of your teaching work: preparing for class, reading and grading student work, etc.

List the number of hours you engage in the required components.

Decide which aspects of teaching you want to focus on and distribute your time.

For more detailed information about scheduling your time for teaching, see Dan Bernstein’s article, Make the most of your time for teaching (pdf), in CTE’s newsletter Teaching Matters.


More about managing your teaching time

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Additional materials are available in CTE’s Essential Guide to Teaching.

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